Extend the Life of Your Car



Do You Love Your Car?

We do! Here are a few tips that will extend the life of your baby.

1. Make it a habit to check your fluid levels at least once a month. Low oil or coolant levels can cause over-heating or worse yet, cut the life expectancy of your engine.

2. Replace the spark plugs and wires every 30,000-40,000 miles. Deteriorated plugs and wires can diminish fuel economy and force the engine to work harder when accelerating.

3. Check the tires for proper PSI, over inflated or under inflated will cause uneven wear on the tires causing premature failure, poor fuel economy. This can also increase strain on the brake system, transmission, and the engine.

4. Avoid packing on the keys on your key ring, adding extra weight can can wear out the tumblers inside  the ignition and eventually lead to ignition switch failure.

5. To keep your A/C system up and running for next years summer, run it a few times throughout the winter. This prevents the moving parts in the compressor from seizing. Also by running it few times in the winter it will keep the seals soft and avoid dry rot.

Check back with us next week for more money saving tips.

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