Summer Fun Pool Safety Tips


A mother and father having fun on vacation playing with their children on their shoulders in a swimming poolWater Safety 101: Tips for an Enjoyable Summer Pool Season

Finally! It’s time to open the pool and get ready for the glorious summer season. But, having your own backyard oasis does come with some responsibilities. Here are some great tips to keep you, your family, and your friends safe around your swimming area this summer.


A general statistic is that nearly 75% of Americans are dehydrated on a regular basis. Add in the heat of the sun around swimming pools and the activity associated with it, you’ll need even more hydration. Always make sure there are plenty of beverages available.


According to Safe Kids Worldwide, drowning in open waters and pools ranks in the top three for leading causes of death with children aged up to 19. Drowning is the number one cause of death for children aged one to four. There’s no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to keeping children safe around pools.

  • Adult supervision is vital anytime children are swimming, regardless of how well they can swim.
  • It’s a good idea to have plenty of rafts and inflatables for the little ones that like to float.
  • Kids like to experiment, and think that they’re invincible. You might have to remind them to use diving boards and slides only for their intended purpose.
  • You could get your own certification for CPR. It could give you some peace of mind knowing you might be able to do something if the unthinkable happened.


You already know how important it is to keep the chemicals in the pool balanced. Not only does it keep it looking beautiful, it also keeps it safe from algae and other contaminants. Since it might not be safe to swim in after adding certain chemicals, you’ll always want to make sure that anyone using it is aware of the chemical schedule.


Anytime that you are exposing your skin to direct sunlight, it’s a good idea to use sunscreen. Of course, it’s a pain to keep applying it. But, it’s protecting your skin from all sorts of damage from harmful UV rays, including cancer. And, you even need to be more vigilant with sunscreen around pools since the water will reflect the sun, making the UV rays that much stronger.


This is another big nonnegotiable. It doesn’t matter what the surface of the deck is made of. Once it gets wet, it will be slippery. Running on a slippery deck is just an accident waiting to happen. And, the resulting fall can be life threatening, depending on the circumstances. Just make it a rule. No running! And, enforce it.


The problem with glass around swimming pools is that if it breaks and falls underwater, it’s practically invisible, creating a cutting hazard for anyone swimming. One broken glass on the pool’s deck could cause it to have to be drained to make sure there aren’t any pieces hiding on the bottom.

No Solo Swimming

Not only should you never swim alone, but you also make sure that nobody else does either. There are just too many things that can happen in a swimming pool. And, if you are alone, there’s no one to help. It’s not something that you really want to think about.

Protect Yourself From Liabilities

The safety of your property is your responsibility. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. And, if someone is injured while they’re on your property, you could be held financially responsible.

It’s also the insurance companies who usually initiate litigation, trying to recoup any expenses they covered due to the accident. Being able to prove that you have water safety rules in place could help you in the event of any lawsuits.

Risks & Rewards to Permanent Make-Up


Beautiful Woman with long lashes and beautiful make-up looking at the camera.

Considering Permanent Make-up? Here’s 5 Risks & Rewards

One of the newest trends in cosmetology is getting makeup permanently applied. Instead of spending every morning in the mirror, you can wake up ready to go. However, many people are skeptical. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, here are the 5 risks and rewards of getting makeup permanently applied.


1. Permanent – One of the main risks of permanent makeup is that it’s, well, permanent. You better be very committed to the decision, because you are going to have that makeup applied every single day of your life. You can’t change it when you want a different look.

2. Possibility you won’t like it – Imagine going in for a tattoo and it doesn’t come out how you imagined. This is very similar. When you go in to get tattooed makeup, there is the possibility that you won’t like the results when it’s done. There’s not much you can do after the fact, either.

3. Possible side effects – While rare, in some instances, getting this procedure done can actually lead to some undesirable side effects. You could potentially get an infection, granulomas, or scars. If you do decide to move forward, be sure to do to a reputable salon and get it done by an aesthetician licensed in cosmetology.

4. Fads change – How people wear their makeup today is significantly different than how they wore from even five years ago. Years from now people will change how they wear their makeup again. Unfortunately, microblading and other permanent features can force you to stick to an old-fashioned look, making you yourself look older.

5. Lose the natural look forever – We all look better with makeup. However, sometimes your man might want to see you completely fresh-faced. Men constantly say they like the natural look, so you’re losing out on that look forever.


1. Save time – Putting on makeup takes a lot of time. When you wake up with your makeup already done,you can save a lot of time in the morning. Not to mention you won’t be forced to put your makeup on in the car.

2.Use less products – The more product you put on your skin, the more damaged it gets. When you have makeup always applied, you can use less everyday. This keeps your skin as clean and fresh as possible.

3. Save money – Any beauty expert knows that makeup in expensive. Plus, you can’t get cheap makeup from the pharmacy. You have to get high-quality makeup! With all of the different products and getting each product in different colors, it adds up! Permanent makeup will help reduce the amount of money you spend on makeup because that’s already done for you. Plus, you won’t have to spend extra money at the salon for microblading by an aesthetician or hire the cosmetologist to do your makeup before an event.

4. Great for people not good at makeup – There’s a reason YouTube is filled with thousands upon thousands of makeup tutorials. Applying makeup can be hard. Avoid the hassle by just having it applied to your face permanently. You won’t have to worry about smearing your eyeliner.

5. Looks great – Finally, the reason people get permanent makeup is to look great all the time. You’ll look good when you wake up in the morning. You also won’t have to worry about reapplying your makeup or it coming off in the rain. When you make the decision to get makeup tattooed on you, you never have a bad makeup day.

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