Agency Retention Program

Tired of losing valued clients due to a loss history or a mishap on the road?

Agents shaking handsWe know client acquisition isn’t cheap and we’re here to help you keep that premium on the books.

With our P&C Agency Retention Program we provide policy solutions for your clients while there loss history bounces back. During this time you keep the client and continue to nurture the relationship as if nothing has changed. Once the client is eligible for rewrite with your agency we finish up the current policy term and send them back to you, no strings attached.

We believe in supporting local business, even if it happens to be our competition. At the end of the day, all differences aside, the only reason we’re in business is to protect our clients best interest.

Benefits to our program include:

  • Keep Your Clients
    • We want to see you succeed and that starts with keeping your existing client base.
  • Non-Solicit Agreement
    • We’re not here to steal business from your agency, with our non-solicit agreement you continue to be the exclusive point of contact and trusted adviser to your clients.
    • If you would rather not be the middle man we’re more than happy to contact your client for you.
  • Structured Commission Splits
    • Not all agencies are created equally and you may not be eligible to accept compensation for your referrals. We understand this and want you to know the real benefit is keeping the relationship with your client knowing they will come back to you.
    • With several program options to choose from you decide the amount of work you want to put in and what your commission split will be.
    • Renewal commission splits available depending on plan selected.
  • Agency Notifications
    • Whether you have 1 client with us or a 100 you will receive monthly and semi-annual reports, these reports include:
      • Active client list.
      • Monthly commission statements.
      • Semi-annual production reviews.
      • Custom reporting options are available as well.
  • Customer Support 
    • Enjoy the same benefits our clients enjoy with same day endorsement processing.
    • Bill pay assistance.
    • Initial claims filing assistance.
    • Policy renewal shopping and annual coverage review.

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