Pet Health Insurance

Both cats and dogs alike deserve healthcare that’s as unconditional as their love. We understand this and that’s exactly why we want to help you give them the quality veterinary care they deserve with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

The cost of veterinary care continues to rise as more sophisticated treatments become available for pets. To help you avoid a tough financial decision about your pet’s health, we’ve chosen to offer ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to help you manage these costs.


What Does Pet Insurance Cover?Veterinarian

Pet insurance plans have a range of coverage options starting with the most basic coverage for injury & chronic conditions to illness, behavioral issues, hereditary & congenital conditions, and alternative therapies. You also have the option of adding Routine & Advanced Wellness coverage.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pet insurance plans are very affordable with plans starting at as little as a $1 a day. With reimbursement options up to 90% of covered vet bills and annual deductible options ranging from $100-$500, there’s a plan that fits all budgets.

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