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Arizona’s CityScape Insurance Offering Superior Investor Insurance

Mesa-based agency provides ultra-competitive rates while focusing on superior coverage options, industry and risk type know-how, speed of service and more.

Mesa, AZ – March 28th, 2018 – CityScape Insurance, a Gilbert, Arizona-based investment property insurance agency offering premium “fix and flip” investor insurance, has been making a name for itself in the Arizona, New Mexico and Texas home markets with ultra-competitive rates on investment property insurance and a keen focus on superior coverage options, industry and risk type know-how, speed of service, expedition of closing times by working with hard money lenders and more. The firm insures vacancies of single family homes, town homes, manufactured homes, condos, commercial property and pure acreage (land), and also specializes in rehab projects.

“Most people aren’t aware of the fact that a standard property insurance policy excludes coverage for homes and commercial properties that are vacant and/or undergoing major renovations – and that’s where we come in,” says Matthew German, founder of CityScape Insurance. “With access to a plethora of ‘A’ Rated carriers and our unique vacant property program, we have a solution for all of our clients’ needs.

“What sets us apart from other insurance providers is an inherent desire to always be there for our clients – there’s no 800 number or automated phone system to call, we represent them and not the carriers, we’re passionate about what we offer (including preferred market access) and we always strive for a fast quote turnaround.”

CityScape offers superior coverage options in the area of investor insurance and rehab projects including Named Perils Form (provides basic coverage for fire, hail, lightning, internal explosions and other named perils outlined within a policy contract), All Perils Form (provides coverage in the style of a landlord policy; it remains the most robust coverage form available for vacant properties), Full Repair Cost (provides replacement cost coverage on any partial loss), Vandalism/Malicious Mischief (protects against losses sustained as a result of an individual or individuals intentionally causing damage to the property), Premises Liability (provides coverage from $100,000 to $1,000,000 depending on option if an accident causes injury to someone on the scheduled premises or property damage) and Builders Risk (adds coverage for the value of improvements, alterations, repairs and building materials).

“CityScape’s carriers extend options for coverage from three month to 12 month policy terms and valuable coverage in such areas as equipment malfunction, builders risk, vandalism and theft,” adds Monica Del Re, President and founder of Del Re Insurance and Financial Services, Financial Solutions LLC, an Arizona insurance and financial/retirement planning services agency that works closely with CityScape Insurance. “Additionally, Matthew and his team are able to, for personal properties, add up to $500,000 in premises liability and $1,000,000 on commercial properties – which qualifies clients for an umbrella policy that extends additional liability coverage.

“Making the deal even sweeter and to name a few additional benefits, CityScape’s carriers will write a vacant property listed under a trust, commercial entity or individual, and there are no limits with regard to how many properties they will ensure.”

According to representatives such as Gerhman, CityScape Insurance boasts access to industry-leading carriers nationwide, enabling the agency to provide clients with a vast array of insurance products. “CityScape Insurance was founded on a belief that everyone deserves a knowledgeable insurance agent dedicated to providing excellent customer service,” he concludes. “Our philosophy encompasses a one-on-one approach designed to offer clients an unbiased and personalized experience; we strive to deliver comprehensive coverage options that provide the individualized protection clients and their families deserve – at a reasonable price, every time.”

CityScape Insurance can be reached by calling (602) 888-1732. For more information visit or email

Identity Theft Prevention


Identity Theft

Don’t Be A Statistic Of Identity Theft

The thought of someone gaining unauthorized access to your most sensitive information might send shivers down your spine but identity theft is a very bona fide reality. In 2015 alone, over 13.1 million U.S. residents lost an estimated $15 billion to identity theft, according to Javelin Strategy and Research’s 2016 Identity Fraud Study. Not to mention in the last decade, over $100 billion has been lost due to the heinous crime.

Once your identity is stolen, it can be very difficult to recover from. Therefore, the best method to fight against it is to keep it from happening in the first place. Below are some tips to help you from your identity being stolen.

Be Vigilant

You might think that identity theft is done solely through sophisticated hacking and phishing schemes but it can be done by anyone you pass by on the street. Anyone who knows how to snoop properly, for instance, if you are at an ATM there might be people looking over your shoulder to find out what your PIN is.

If you are in a situation where you are sharing sensitive information in public, be wary about those around you, as it could result in a data breach.

Share Information With Discretion

Before you go and give your social security or credit card number over the phone, make sure that you trust whoever you are giving it to. If you answer a call from an unknown number claiming you have won some sort of prize and that all you need to do is give them your social security number, you absolutely should not comply. Just remember, it is better to be safe than sorry in situations like this.

Keep Track of Your Financial Statements

Whether it’s a credit card bill, a summary of your recent bank transactions or anything similar, you need to pay regular attention to these very closely. If you are checking them on a daily basis, then you’ll be able to catch worrisome activity earlier on and hopefully put a stop to anything sketchy before it is too late.

Make Strong Passwords

You are particularly vulnerable to theft if your bank account and email passwords are not secure with differing or tough to guess passwords. Many websites have special criteria when creating your pass code with more difficult requirements but you should still take it upon yourself to make your passwords as hard to guess as you can no matter what. Even the slightest modifications to an easy password, such as a certain number or special character before or after the original can make a world of difference. When it comes to your personal security, well being and especially when preventing identity theft you can never be too careful.

Shred Sensitive Materials

You shouldn’t underestimate identity thieves, nor should you overestimate them. They’ll do anything to access your personal and sensitive information, including but not limited to rummaging through your garbage can. If you have any documents even remotely containing any personal information, such as your social security number, date of birth or even your bank account information, you should make sure it runs through a shredder first before tossing it.

Only Carry Necessary Materials in Wallet

There are just some things that you should not carry in your wallet – even if it seems harmless. One of these is your social security card. Anyone who has a handle on this piece of paper can effectively mean theft of your entire livelihood. Keep this in a secure location at home with your belongings and make no exception. Also, if you have multiple lines of credit, it is strongly advised that you only keep one of each in your wallet at one time. If your wallet is stolen, multiple credit and debit cards mean there is greater potential for a thief to wreak havoc on you.

Ultimately, by just paying attention to those around you and keeping your sensitive information all to yourself, you can really deter anything catastrophic happening to you or your family.

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