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Cityscape Insurance Announces Launch, Provides Personalized Experience


New Press ReleasePHOENIX, AZ, July 09, 2014– CityScape Insurance believes that you aren’t just a customer, you’re family. Not only does the Phoenix area’s newest insurance agency pride itself on its extensive experience in the industry, but it also offers comprehensive coverage options tailored to your specific personal and professional needs.

CityScape understands that purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments someone can make during his or her life, and the possessions that fill the home are equally as important. Therefore, CityScape offers face-to-face coverage consultations, policy renewal shopping, access to various “A” Rated carriers, and Saturday appointment availability for your Phoenix home insurance needs. In addition, CityScape now also offers Safeco and Progressive insurance products.

“At CityScape Insurance, we believe you’re family. We’re dedicated to providing innovative insurance solutions to protect you in every facet of life,” says Matthew Gehrman, CityScape Insurance Executive. “As an independent agency with years of experience, we’re able to offer comprehensive coverage options tailored to your needs to protect you, your family, and your investment.”

Taking the time to review every aspect of the home, inside and out, is an important part of writing an insurance policy that the company does not take lightly. CityScape is prepared for the opportunity that the growing housing market in Phoenix provides. Property owners will feel confident that they are adequately covered and in good hands as CityScape is here to help.

About CityScape Insurance:
CityScape Insurance founder Matthew Gehrman boasts vast experience in both blue-collar and white-collar industries. CityScape Insurance aims to remain “A Step Above the Rest, and Will Accept Nothing Less,” by not only offering the knowledge and experience needed in the insurance industry, but the personal desire to help and protect individuals and families. Specializing in personal, auto, and homeowner’s insurance, founded in September 2013 in Gilbert, Ariz., CityScape Insurance offers that personalized passion and flare for added value that you won’t find from any other insurance company because we truly care about you and your family.

Matthew Gehrman
Office: (602) 888-1732

Written and Published by: Alyssa Ast – Arizona Freelance Writer, Author, Journalist

Eight Tips For The Road Ahead


Long stretch of road into the mountainsBe Safe, Be Smart On A Long-Distance Road Trip

Whether you’re traveling alone, with a buddy or with your spouse and a car full of kids, there are few things more “American” than the long-distance road trip. Countless vacation travelers will drive the highways looking for fun and making memories with every mile. If traveling down the “holiday road” is in your plans, take the time to prepare for your trip. You’ll have a more enjoyable vacation if you plan carefully. Here are a few driving tips, courtesy of CityScape Insurance

1) Maintain your car. Make sure your vehicle is up to date on its maintenance schedule, and be sure to check the battery and tires.

2) Plan your trip and know where you’re going. Call ahead for proper and safe directions to get you to your destination safely and have maps of the area on hand to help you navigate once you are off the main road. You’re more likely to make good decisions, even in dangerous situations, if you’re clearheaded and know where you’re going.

3) Be alert. Seems obvious, but driver inattention is surely the cause of a lot of accidents. If you stay focused behind the wheel and plan carefully, you will have a wonderful summer road trip.

4) Take precaution with a cell phone. Cell phones can be a lifesaver when you need immediate access to emergency services after an accident. Keep your phone within easy reach and get to know its features. However, use it prudently. Reports suggest that driving while talking on the phone increases accident rates.

5) Wear your seat belt. Whether or not it’s required by law in the state through which you’re driving, always wear your seat belt as a safety precaution.

6) Protect your car against theft. Help deter criminals from taking your car with steering wheel locks, switches that disable fuel or ignition systems, and electronic tracking devices.

7) If you’re in an accident. Taking immediate steps if you’ve been in an accident can protect your family and your car from further damage. Stop immediately and make sure your car is not blocking traffic. Turn off your car to keep it from overheating or catching fire. Warn oncoming cars using road flares or orange triangle reflectors. After you have protected yourself and your family, call your insurance company immediately.

8) Make sure your auto insurance is up to date. Before you even leave the driveway, you want to be sure you’re protected when you’re on the road and far from home. An independent insurance agent or broker can provide the personal service and advice you need to travel in confidence.

Contact us to learn how we can keep you safe on your next road trip. Drive on knowing CityScape Insurance is here to protect you and your family.

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