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Go Green and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Recycle SymbolMake Reduce, Reuse and Recycle a part of your routine

 “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Most likely, you’ve heard that catchy phrase connected with information about saving natural resources and even saving your family money. But how many of us really make reducing, reusing and recycling a part of our everyday life?

At CityScape Insurance, we’re happy to say that we try to do our part to protect our environment and use our resources wisely. In fact companies such as Progressive Insurance launched the Plant-A-Tree program back in 2011, in this program Progressive plants a tree every time a customer signs up for paperless billing. Not only are they saving paper, planting trees, and doing their part to save the planet, they’re saving you Benjamin’s by offering a discount to go paperless. We’re hoping you’ll take the time – if you’re not already – to make reduce, reuse and recycle part of your daily routine. Depending on where you’re starting from, it may take a change in mindset, or maybe just a little more dedication. But these tips from the Environmental Protection Agency can help us make the world a cleaner place.

Reducing and reusing

  • Look for products that use less packaging. Companies use less raw material when they use less packaging, reducing waste and cost. This means that you can save money while helping to protect the environment. A great example (though it sounds at odds with “reduce”) is buying items in bulk.
  • Avoid disposable items. Take your own travel mug to the coffee shop, for instance, or bring real silverware to work for lunches, instead of using plastic.
  • Let technology help. New compact fluorescent light bulbs use far less energy than standard bulbs, and low-flow shower heads, coupled with aerators, can reduce your water use without you even noticing.
  • Invest in maintenance. When properly maintained, many items, such as appliances and clothing, won’t need to be replaced as frequently.
  • Don’t buy limited-use items. If you need something that you won’t use more than once or twice, such as a power tool, see if you can borrow or rent instead of buying.
  • Donate! When you’re done with an item, if it’s in good shape, consider donating it to a charitable organization that will sell it or continue using it. You just might get a tax deduction, too! And don’t forget, you can always buy used items as well.


Recycling isn’t just about putting your cans, bottles and newspapers into a bin, although that plays a big part. Here are some other things to consider.

  • Electronic waste: TVs, computers, cell phones and other electronics should not go into landfills. Many companies offer options now for proper disposal at little to no cost. Even printer ink cartridges can be recycled.
  • Food waste: In many communities, food scraps and waste are collected along with yard waste and used for composting.
  • Restaurants and grocery stores: Some establishments are beginning to offer separate bins for recyclable materials and food waste. Be sure to use these when available, and if your favorite place doesn’t offer this option, ask about it!

Though your actions may seem small, they do make a difference in the Phoenix metro community — and the world. And when they’re combined with the efforts of millions of others, the impact is even bigger than you can imagine!

We want to hear what you’re doing to Go Green, please share your ideas with others below.

Sweet Ride! Are You Covered?


Custom lowered red truck with rimsHave a tricked out ride? 

Many of us like to personalize our vehicles but for some of us riding in style is the only way to roll. Vehicle bling has come a long way and in many cases signifies our current personal and financial status. To show off, people buy slick looking rims, custom head lights, new paint job, better stereo systems, upgrade the suspension, and many other modifications. What these vehicle owners don’t take into consideration is their car insurance and how modifying the vehicle can increase the overall value. This is where carrying Custom Parts & Accessory coverage comes into play.

Why should I purchase Custom Parts & Equipment coverage?

Custom Parts & Accessory coverage is an optional coverage that can be added onto just about any auto insurance policy and is fairly inexpensive. This type of endorsement covers permanently installed custom parts, equipment, accessories, and enhancements that alter the performance or appearance of the vehicle. Without this valuable coverage in place you most likely won’t be covered in the event you get into an accident or back into a wall. Standard auto insurance policies base their vehicle worth on the Kelley Blue Book value and they do not factor in aftermarket parts or paint job costs into the total. So imagine crashing your 2013 BMW that you just rolled off the lot and put $10,000 down for a new set of rims and tires. The insurance carrier is going to look into the vehicle value to determine the payout and leave you responsible for the replacement cost.

Here are just a few examples of what is generally covered under this endorsement: 

  • Any dealer-installed equipment that is not offered by the original manufacturer.
  • Special equipment such as running boards, roll bars, undercarriage lighting, fog lights, bed liners, camper shells, trailer hitches, special roofs, etc.
  • Customized wheels – such as alloy or magnesium wheels or wheel overs, aluminum wheels or wire spoke wheels
  • Special tires – racing slicks, oversize tires or custom wide-tread tires
  • Spoilers, suspensions or performance-related equipment.
  • Stereo and sound recording equipment.
  • Television and DVD players permanently installed
  • Customized paint or decals
  • Chrome and reverse chrome
  • Aftermarket seats or leather seats not installed by car manufacturer
  • Anti-theft devices not installed by car manufacturer

Before adding or upgrading parts on your vehicle, we advise you check your current auto insurance policy or contact us to discuss what coverage options will best suit your needs. 

Enjoy your sweet ride and always remember to look twice for motorcycles.