Returning To Work During Covid-19, The New Normal


What to expect when you return

The pandemic changed a lot of things in the work environment. People that were working from home during staying at home orders are transitioning back to the office. Now it is all about making the workplace safe during the return to the office. As people return, they should expect to see the workplace look quite different during this Covid-19 crisis.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that has had social gatherings for birthdays or holiday parties in the office to see these things come to a halt. These types of gatherings are no longer feasible inside of the work environments.

Mask Requirements

Another thing that people can expect with work safety concerns as they are transitioning back to the work environment is the requirement of masks. There are some work environments where the masks must be worn on a regular basis throughout the course of the workday.

This is often the case for people that work in healthcare. They do not have the luxury of removing their masks while they are working. There are some that work in automotive and healthcare environments that will need to wear the masks when they are in close vicinity to other people. It all really depends on the environment and how much close contact is made.

Temperature Checks

Another thing that people will become mindful of as they return to work is the regular temperature checks. People that have a temperature that is over 100 will find themselves being asked to leave and get tested for the Coronavirus. Anyone that is battling any sickness will instantly raise red flags. The possibility of infecting someone else at the office is what causes the alarm with work safety.

The best thing that people can do is practice social distancing. Employees will also be expected to wear masks when they are away from their desks.

A Safe Work Environment

What most people will find out is that there is a new fear when it comes to the Coronavirus. They will find that hand sanitizer is clearly visible in break rooms and other common area office spaces like copier rooms.

Leaders that are in charge will send out emails and memos as reminders about how to be safe while working in the work environment. All of these are things that play a part in promoting safety and healthy work environments as people return to work. There will be COVID-19 memorandums about washing hands thoroughly and wearing masks.


Even though people will be returning to work there are still going to be more virtual meetings whenever possible. Meeting in a conference room may not be on the agenda at this time. More people will be doing the video chats from their office space.

The work environment is changing, and safety is a much bigger precaution. People that are interested in coming back to the office must be aware of how the office place has changed. There is a greater need for reducing interactions and social distancing is the way.


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