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Did You Know 50% of all Cyber Attacks are Targeted At Small Businesses? 

With nearly $2 Trillion in cybercrime reported in 2019 alone, it's not a question of if you'll get targeted, but when and how. When cyber criminals breach your network, steal data, hold data hostage, or destroy sensitive information, the business could be held liable. Evan a small data breach can end up costing thousands of dollars in customer notification expenses, damage awards, attorney's fees, and fines. Don't put your business at risk, give us a call today and get covered. 

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What We Cover

Business Interruption Cyber Extortion (Ransomware) Data Breach Data Recovery

First Party Coverage Internet & Media Liabilty Network Security Coverage Third Party Coverage

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Data Breach - Also known as Cyber Liability covers expenses incurred in the event sensitive information is compromised through breach and/or theft. In many cases this relates to Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, Financial Records, Medical Records, and other sensitive data pertaining to customers.  

Data Recovery - Provides coverage to restore or recover lost data after an attack.  

Network Security Coverage - One the most important coverages is Network Security coverage which applies when network security fails and causes a loss such as theft of trade secrets, loss of customer data, damaged data, & email accounts being hacked to spread malware or a virus.  

Cyber Extortion (RANSOMEWARE) - As one of the fastest growing cyber threats in the world, cyber extortion covers the cost of payments required to release your data.  

Internet & Media Liability - This is a crucial liability coverage which covers infringement of intellectual property, copyright/trademark infringement and libel/slander.

Business Interruption - Also known as Business Income, provides coverage for loss of income due to a covered cyber attack.  

First & Third Party Coverage - First party provides coverage due to a breach/loss which only affects the business. Third party covers legal fees and damages imposed by a lawsuit from the client/customer that has been affected by the breach. This also covers any penalties & fines assessed by government entities, HIPAA, and other compliance companies.  

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