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For Arizona musicians playing music is more than a hobby it’s the lifeblood that keeps you going day to day. Though the proclaimed glamour of this lifestyle seems worry free it’s quite the opposite. It takes countless hours of practice, dedication, great music, supportive fans, and top notch equipment to achieve the ultimate dream. Now the question arises what would you do if all your gear was stolen or destroyed during transport? Would this be the end of your music career? With as much time and effort put into establishing yourself in the music scene, we doubt it.

Gear is expensive and like most musicians you probably don’t have piles of money lying around at the drop of a hat. Many musicians aren’t aware that there are ways to cover all your gear anywhere in the world, best part is it’s cheaper than you think. Don’t risk achieving your dream, we’re here to make sure you never skip a beat on your pursuit to the top.

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